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To the most beautiful snowy place in the world

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No matter how deep you love about backcountry, the passion during sliding disappears quietly in the same way as a trace that hides when it snows.

If you want to keep that moment forever, you have no choice but to continue traveling with the tools and passion to slide.

We traveled through the snowy mountains of Canada, Europe and Alaska.
When returning to Minamifurano, Hokkaido, we figured out that the snow here is the best, and the snowflakes are the most beautiful we have ever seen.

Sharing that moment that comes only once in your life in this place, carving a truck in the snowy mountains of this place.

We hope our journey will be a part of the life journey from those who visit here.


It is the present to " Yukinoko " (the snow children) who are most surprised by the snow that slowly falls down.



In 「Yukinoko」, we offer guided tours of backcountry skiing and snowboarding

mainly in the mountainous areas in the inland of Hokkaido.

The main fields are Sekisho Plateau and Daisetsuzan Tokachidake Mountain Range.

We tour with a small number of people, one tour per day and one mountain.

Also, we value the encounter with everyone in the once-in-a-lifetime meeting

and the time spent in the snowy mountains above all else.

Tour options


Tokachidake Mountain Range BC

The Tokachidake mountain range, called " The Roof of Hokkaido," is one of the few places you can approach in winter.

Tokachidake Onsen at the trailhead has an altitude of 1,000m. The moment you get off the parking lot, the real world of Alpine spreads out.

"Snow is a letter sent from heaven."

Mr. Ukichiro Nakaya, who left the word, saw the snow all over the world. He praised that the snow falling on the Daisetsuzan was the most beautiful, and visited this place of Mt. Tokachi to shoot snowflakes.


The giant tree forests of Picea glehnii and Betula

The mountainous area of the volcanic belt is spreading.

15,000 yen(tax included)

Numer of participants : 3〜10


Sekisho Plateau BC
​(Thread access)

Sekisho Plateau (Mt. Tomamu) is a diversion ridge that connects the Yubari Mountains and the Hidaka Mountains, also is a mountainous area with a peak at an altitude of around 1,000 m that straddles Shimukappu Village and Minamifurano Town, where you can have a wonderful experience of backcountry skiing.

Due to the inland climate, the amount of snowfall is not very high in the cold regions of the country, but the snow quality is the best dry powder and the water content is extremely low.
The dry powder spray rising during skiing soars like the smoke.

Thread access means that the snowmobile will take you to the flat area and hike from the place you are going to ski, which is a best way to enjoy backcountry without being bothered by the crowded.

15,000 yen(tax included)

Numer of participants: 2〜8


Tour options
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